Chic during the Pandemic: The Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2021

Chic during the Pandemic: The Best Short Hairstyles for Women in 2021

2020 has been a year of hindrances for all people around the world. The pandemic has halted everyone's lives, impeding each one from working outside, going out and traveling anywhere. However, this pandemic must not let you down, including your hair. Various situations keep on changing, and so does your hairstyle. 
This year, sporting short tresses would be both stylish and beneficial for women during this health crisis. Most women are probably stuck at home, which means dressing up has become a lesser priority. But with short hair, you can absolutely save time from prepping. You can also prevent physical contact, which you must avoid during this pandemic. At the same time, short hairstyles can make you feel refreshed or revitalized, serving as a reset after what had all happened during the previous year.
So, what are the best short hairdos for women this 2021? Check out the best cuts and styles women can sport in 2021.


10 best short hairstyles for women in 2021

10 Short and Chic Hairstyles for Women in 2021

Are you excited to show off your new looks for this year? Check out 10 of the best hairstyles women can flaunt (in no particular order).


1. Classic Bob

Bring back the retro vibes with this all-time favorite haircut. Bobs will always be one of the most timeless hairstyles for women. A classic bob is a short-to-medium cut that allows your hair to accentuate your face without making you feel hot and sweaty. If you think that you'll look plain, don't worry. You can add some fringes or bangs or add curls to make your bob cut even classier. Famous female icons such as Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Alicia Keys, and many others have all ventured into the world of classic bob cuts.


2. Temple Undercut

Women have started breaking gender barriers by sporting haircuts initially worn by men. A temple undercut is styled by shaving or trimming the temples' hair, making it look like a boyish haircut. However, this hairstyle is perfect for those who hate spending hours curling, braiding, or tying their tresses. This hair cut also gives off an androgynous yet chic vibe, giving you oomph and self-confidence.


3. Classic Lob

A classic lob means an extended bob cut, which is usually shoulder-length, and it is perfect for those who aren't mentally prepared to chop their hair instantly. This hairstyle shows texture when you wear your hair down, yet its length is enough for you to tie your hair up during busy days.


4. Inverted Bob

Are you bored of the traditional bob cut? You can opt to sport an inverted bob, having shorter hair at the back and longer tresses at the front. This cut also gives a dramatic style, and it mostly looks great on women with natural curls or straight hair. An inverted bob also makes your hair look bulky or voluminous while complementing your facial shape and features. If you want to take your inverted bob to the next level, you can also shave your nape and grow a shoulder-length bob cut on the front.


5. Pixie cut

If your face is oval-shaped or square-shaped, a pixie cut will look good on you. Pixie cuts are also amongst the classic haircuts you can wear throughout the entire year. This hairstyle resembles how fairies usually look, having terse hair at the back and on the sides and longer hair on the apex. It's also a famous Audrey Hepburn style, so sporting a pixie will definitely make you ten times more elegant.


6. Layered Bob

To add texture and volume to your short hair, you can choose to wear a layered bob, styled by cutting your layers in various lengths. This haircut is also an ideal hairstyle for those who want to conceal their thinning hair problems. Adding highlights would also complement the layers, emphasizing the beauty of the haircut.


7. Brushed Up Crop

If you're aiming for a drastic and bold change in your appearance, a classic chop may be suitable for your taste. This hairstyle looks more daring compared to the temple undercut since most of your hair strands are brushed up, giving off an edgier look. Miley Cyrus was able to prove that this style will make any woman look hot and feisty. 


8. Shaved Pixie Cut

Why should you wear an ordinary pixie cut when you can sport a shaved pixie cut? This modern hairstyle combines the undercut and pixie cut, giving you a feminine and an androgynous vibe simultaneously. Adding some highlights on your shaved pixie cut also gives your tresses a fuller and thicker look, and you'll indeed look neat and cool with this modern hybrid hairstyle. 


9. Neck-length Bob with Fringes

Another way to upgrade your hairstyle is to add some fringes. Any woman with a neck-length bob would look extra beautiful with beach waves and edges. This hairstyle lets you showcase your nape, neck, and collarbone, which gives off a sexy vibe. You can also accentuate your hair easily with accessories like earrings and necklaces. 


10. Short Shag

For that lazy or "woke up like this" look, you can opt to have the short shag style. Shags consist of layered cuts of different lengths that frame various facial features and shapes. This haircut also suits ladies who have naturally wavy or curly locks, which adds extra volume and texture. 
How to keep your short hair healthy


How to Preserve Your Short Hair's Healthy Condition

No matter how chic your hairstyle can be, proper hair care is still vital so that you can continue flaunting your short hair. However, it's not easy and safe to go to salons and have your treatments there. So, how should you take good care of your short tresses? Check out the following hair care tips below.


1. Avoid frequent brushing.

Short-haired women don't need to spend much time combing their hair from roots to tips. With just your magical fingers, you can already fix your hair. However, you still need to brush your hair from time to time to help distribute the natural oils all over your tresses, making your hair lustrous and moisturized. To avoid having hair fall and damage, use a high-quality brush with soft bristles. 


2. Don't skip shampooing.

If you think you wouldn't need your shampoo bottles anymore, you're wrong. Shampooing is a vital step in your hair care arsenal, whether you have long or short tresses. However, your hair gets greasier faster when you have a short hairstyle. The best way to cleanse your short hair is to wash it for three minutes only to avoid drying your hair tips.


3. Slowly trim your hair.

Each person has a varied hair growth rate, and if your hair does grow longer quickly, you may need to trim it frequently. It would be best if you also snipped your bangs or fringes regularly to keep them from covering your eyes and face. Trimming also helps remove split ends, which cause thinning and breakage of hair strands. Since it isn't advisable to go to salons anytime you want (for your health's safety, of course), you can slowly snip your hair to avoid committing trimming mistakes.


4. Give your short hair a disheveled look for extra volume and texture. 

Having shorter tresses makes it easier to sport a messy look without being uncomfortable or looking like a total mess. You can try tousling your hair to make it look denser. It will also help your layers to stand out. 


5. Treat your curls with a hair growth conditioner.

Whether your hair has been trimmed down or not, your curly hair still needs to be tamed (unless you prefer the super messy look). Keep your short curls in place by consistently using a hair growth conditioner. The moisturizing properties of your conditioner help smooth your cuticles and soften your strands, making it ten times easier to manage your hair.


6. Air-dry your hair first before blow-drying it.

Blow-drying helps keep your short hair in shape. However, never blow-dry your tresses after rinsing them because your hair is most vulnerable when it's wet. Make sure to air-dry it first for fifteen minutes before using a blow-dryer. This simple hair care tip will help you avoid strand breakage.


Short Hairstyles are Chic during the Pandemic.

The world is currently experiencing a health crisis, and unfortunately, a person's hair can be a medium of bacterial and viral transmission. Thus, keeping your locks short and tamed can help prevent you and others from getting infected. Yet, no matter how clipped those locks are, you still have to shower your love with tender loving care, whether you go out of the house or not. Don't forget to incorporate the best hair growth products in your hair care arsenal for long-lasting beautiful short locks. 


Keep Your Short Hair Healthy.

It doesn't matter whether your locks are short or not, as long as your hair is soft, lustrous, and strong. To keep your chopped tresses healthy, use only the best hair growth products made with natural ingredients. Don't forget to apply shampoo and conditioner every day to maintain your hair's excellent condition.