The benefits of silica to hair growth

Silica: What Is It and How Does It Benefit the Hair?

Losing hair strands in a day should not be alarming because every person regularly sheds approximately 100-250 hair strands every day. This hair shedding is a part of the hair growth cycle. However, when you lose hair strands way beyond the normal count, it may signify an underlying hair loss issue, and this problem needs to be resolved before it becomes too late. 
Among the common causes of hair growth issues is the lack of silica content in the body. Silica is a trace mineral that may have beneficial effects on your hair condition. If you want to strengthen your hair naturally, you will need to ensure that your body’s silica levels are enough to reinforce healthy hair growth. But the question is: what is silica, and how does it even benefit your hair? Get astonished as you unravel the truth about silica and its benefits to hair growth.


Seeing the Benefits of Silica: How This Mineral Makes Your Hair Healthy

Silica, formed when oxygen and silicon combine, is a significant mineral found in many leafy greens, and this particular mineral has been long studied for resolving unwanted hair issues. Check out the following benefits silica can provide to every hair strand.

Benefit # 1: It prevents your hair from snapping.

The second-to-the-last thing that you would like to happen to your hair would be hair breakage. Your strands can snap for several possible reasons. It can either be physical abrasion (aggressive and mishandling of your hair) or an internal hair growth problem. Either way, you still need to strengthen your hair strands internally and externally. In this case, silica can help boost your hair follicles, fortifying your hair quality.


Benefit # 2: It helps you thwart thinning hair problems.

There is a difference between hair thickness and hair density. When you’ve gotten a lot of strands growing together, your hair is dense. On the other hand, thickness refers to the width of each hair strand. Your hair may be collectively thick but can be thin when checked individually. Hence, to achieve thicker and denser hair, you must prevent your hair from thinning, which can be solved with silica’s magic. 


Benefit # 3: It stimulates collagen production for your hair’s welfare.

Most of you have probably seen and even bought skincare items with collagen as a highlighted ingredient. However, it is also a nutrient needed by your tresses. It has antioxidant properties that can protect your hair against free radical damage, which you can often experience due to heat, pollution, radiation, and chemicals. Collagen also provides amino acids that help fortify your hair’s structure during its keratinization. These amino acids intertwine together, making your hair even firmer yet more pliable. Hence, your body needs silica to increase collagen production for hair growth. Studies show that silica can stimulate collagen production so that your hair strands become elastic. 


Benefit # 4: It also augments moisture retention for softer and healthier locks.

Your hair needs enough moisture to last throughout the day, and silica will be of great help. As a matter of fact, silica has a unique capability of retaining water molecules. This property can benefit your hair amidst the scorching heat of the sun and other styling tools.


Benefit # 5: It may help repair your scalp’s epithelial cells.

Cell regeneration is another health benefit that you may receive from silica. In fact, many skincare products contain silica for skin cell and tissue repair. Since your hair follicles are surrounded by hair cells responsible for growing strands, you can benefit from silica’s unique ability to repair your damaged hair cells. It may also encourage the proliferation of hair cells, allowing more hair strands to form and grow longer.


Benefit # 6: It also stimulates good blood circulation on your scalp.

Your hair follicles obtain nutrition from your blood, which flows through the blood vessels. However, when blood vessels are constricted, blood cannot pass through and may not deliver the essential nutrients that your follicles need. Studies show silica’s suppressing properties to keep your blood pressure at normal levels. Silica is abundant in a human’s aorta but decreases as your age increases, hence, increasing the risk of developing heart diseases.


Benefit # 7: It can also keep your eyebrow hair tensile against hair loss.

Your head isn’t the only area where hair grows; your eyebrows also have hair strands. As far as women are concerned, eyebrows are highly considered as beauty features. Hence, it is of utmost importance to keep your eyebrows thick and long, which is why your brows also need silica to remain tensile against aggressive eyebrow brushing.


Food sources of silica 

Finding Silica’s Sources: Where Can You Obtain Silica?

Many of you may be curious about the top silica sources when, in fact, you can obtain them from your everyday diet. Below are the best sources of this hair-strengthening mineral and how much and often you should consume these foods.


1. Bananas

These yellow tropical fruits are famous not only for being included in your favorite banana split, but they are also vital for being packed with minerals beneficial to hair growth. Silica is one of those minerals potent in bananas. Not only can you eat them every day, but you can also mash them as ingredients for your hair mask.


2. Green beans and lentils

For vegetarians, green beans and lentils are the perfect sources of silica. These vegetables also contain other hair-boosting nutrients, such as iron, fiber, and potassium. Their green color also adds color and life to your meals, appealing enough to be eaten by you. These silicon-enriched green beans include asparagus and yardlong beans, which you can cook or add to your banquet.


3. Oats

You can enrich your every breakfast with silica by including oats in your morning meals. Unrefined grains such as oats are also jam-packed with minerals, such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc, which are also essential to preventing hair loss issues. Oats are also low in calories, so you will never have to worry about gaining extra weight. You can also use raw oats to make your DIY hair scrub for scalp exfoliation.


4. Brown Rice

Whole grains are perfect for women who are calorie-conscious or trying to lose those extra fats. In this case, brown rice can become your go-to source of silica without gaining excessive calories. Brown rice is very healthy since it does not undergo many processes, unlike white rice. You also get a substantial amount of other nutrients, such as vitamins B1 and B3, protein, and fiber.


5. Horsetail 

Do not forget the horsetail plant as a rich source of silica. Its leaves are specially packed with minerals that can help boost hair growth. Horsetail extract has been long studied to be a natural hair loss remedy. Its high silica content helps stimulate proper scalp circulation, allowing hair follicles to receive ample nourishment from the blood. Various antioxidants and selenium present in the horsetail extract can protect and help hair follicles grow new and healthy strands. 
To obtain horsetail’s silica content, you can brew its leaves and make a horsetail tea as your drink. You can also use brewed horsetail leaves to create your hair rinse. There are also hair growth vitamin supplements with horsetail extract in pharmacies and beauty stores.


Is silica safe?

Risky or Not: How Safe is Silica Safe for Hair Growth? 

Some foods have silica as food additives. Unfortunately, a lot of people are concerned with consuming foods with silica. They believe that silica brings health-related problems, putting your life at risk. But don’t fret, because the silica present in food isn’t poisonous. It is safe to consume foods with silica content. But of course, it is also essential to eat silica-rich foods moderately. The Food and Drug Administration has recommended consuming at most 2 % at most of your daily diet to avoid the ill effects of overdosage. As long as you do not directly inhale silica, you are going to be safe and sound. 


Silica Can Be The Savior Toward Tensile Healthy Hair.

Haircare is not just a matter of using hair growth products; it also requires proper nutrition for internal improvement. Haircare becomes even better when you accompany your healthy diet with the consistent application of products with the essential hair growth nutrients. Therefore, do not deprive your body and your hair of silica content. Eat a hearty supply of bananas, oats, green beans, and brown rice every day, and enjoy your relaxing time with a cup of hot horsetail tea. Lastly, do not forget to use hair growth products containing silica for more tensile and healthier hair strands.


Supplement Your Hair Not Just with Silica.

There’s more than silica. In reality, your hair also needs other hair growth vitamins and minerals to grow. Therefore, use the best hair growth products packed with nutrients extracted from natural sources, such as herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid hair loss problems by all means before it is too late; supplement your body with all the essentials for hair growth.