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Caffeine for Hair Growth: Myth or Reality?

Who doesn’t want a mane of beautiful rich hair? Women are trying various treatments and products, hoping they could make their hair grow stronger and faster, but most of these solutions offer just disappointing results. Caffeine is thought to be a wonderful remedy for growing healthy hair, but, before reaching for another cup of coffee, let’s see how much truth is in this claim. 

A stimulant for hair growth

There are hair care products on the market, such as shampoos and conditioners that include caffeine on their list of ingredients. Why do shampoo manufacturers appeal to this particular substance? It appears that caffeine is quite a great stimulant for your hair follicles. When caffeine reaches your scalp – and spends a little while there – it can give a boost to your hair follicles.

As a result, you will grow stronger healthier hair. The caffeine works at the roots of your hair, offering hair follicles a much needed rejuvenator. If you use hair care products with caffeine regularly, you may discover that your hair is growing faster and stronger than before. 

Treatment against losing hair

Nothing could be more disheartening than watching the number of hairs left on your brush every day increasing on a regular basis. No one likes the idea of losing their hair, and men are usually more affected than women. This does not mean that women are in no danger of suffering from premature hair loss.

For them, a caffeine treatment for the scalp can work wonders. The action of caffeine is helpful for the follicles and for the hair roots and you will notice a good improvement in hair development. 

Restoring your hair to its former beauty

It appears that in men, caffeine has the role of reducing the amount of DHT on hair follicles (DHT being a male hormone that causes hair loss). While women do not suffer the same baldness patterns as men, they still need help and assistance when their hair begins losing its shine becomes easier to break and it does not seem to grow as fast as before.

Offering your hair a caffeine treatment, you help it become more manageable. You will find that brushing your hair will no longer yield the same amount of lost hairs and that your comb will slide through your locks much easier.

The natural shine regained through applying caffeine, in the form of hair care products, or homemade remedies, is a great incentive for trying this solution. While it may not work wonders or have someone who is perfectly bald grow new hair, caffeine is still a good option if you want to improve the quality, strength and growth development of your hair. 

Do not try to compensate by drinking more coffee

Caffeine works from the inside as well as from the outside. Nonetheless, refrain from trying to compensate by drinking huge quantities of coffee. That will only make you jittery and will quicken your pulse. The recommended solution is to regularly use hair care products that include caffeine on their list of ingredients, or homemade masks with caffeine.

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