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The Many Uses of Peppermint for Female Hair Growth

Having a beautiful mane of healthy hair can be difficult to achieve, especially when your hair starts thinning and you seem to be losing more hairs than usual. That could be a clear sign that your hair needs a boost of vitality, and it is highly advisable to turn to the many natural ingredients available for helping your hair follicles regain their strength once more. Peppermint is often praised for being able to boost the ability of your hair follicles to produce new healthy hair, and that is why many women choose natural treatments containing the essential oil.

More power without toxicity

There are various essential oils that could help you with growing new hair, and also some pharmaceutical options. However, the main concern, and one that is well justified, is that you may trigger allergic effects or suffer from the toxicity of this substances. Peppermint oil is great for hair growth in women, because it has no toxic effects. According to a study carried by the Korean Society of Toxicology, this essential oil is absolutely safe for human use for the purpose of stimulating the growth of new hair. Compared to other essential oils, and even medicine for hair loss, it also proves to be more efficient.

Grow stronger roots with peppermint oil treatments

Hair is more than what we can see with the naked eye. What we cannot see are the roots of your hair that are set deep inside the scalp. When the roots become weak and there are not enough nutrients carried by the bloodstream to keep them well nourished, they cannot hold on to your hair – the visible part – and that is when hair loss occurs. This is a well known fact and that is why the treatments prescribed against hair loss are focused on creating stronger roots.

Women can benefit a great deal from peppermint oil treatments, especially when they are noticing that their hair begins to thin. Regular use will help the roots grow stronger, and, as a result, they can enjoy beautiful hair that is healthy from roots to ends.

A few available treatments

You can use peppermint oil for stimulating your scalp to grow stronger hair roots. A simple method involves the use of a few drops of peppermint oil in a mix with some greasy essential oil, such as coconut oil. Use this mixture directly on your scalp; massage gently, allowing the blend to reach the surface of your scalp as much as possible. Let it rest for about 30 minutes and then rinse. If you massage your scalp every day with this mixture, you will be able to see results quite fast.

In case this method seems to be too much of a bother for you, here are some other helpful ideas. Use a few drops of peppermint oil with the shampoo you are regularly using. Keep in mind that this essential oil is very strong, so do not abuse it. Use the shampoo as you usually do, and enjoy the results as they will not hesitate to appear.

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